Dominique Normand

Multidisciplinary artist Dominique Normand is a Northern spirit painter who responds to nature like a need to be met. Fascinated by the Cree culture, Dominique has been absorbing their traditions three months per year, for the last six years. These journeys inspire her soul and art. In northern Quebec, the rhythm of the seasons, life in the forest and cohabitation with the animal kingdom are omnipresent and closely tied to Aboriginal culture and life. There, she participates in daily activities such as: tool making, preparation of medical plants, tanning of hides, handicrafts, cooking and leather working…Since hunting, fishing and trapping are a constant topic of conversation. Practice and concern, Dominique has learned about these activities. Furthermore, she stimulates young minds through her workshops, paints and films the daily life of the community, the spaces and wildlife of the vast James Bay region. Her visceral connection with the Aboriginal culture has allowed her to discover, over time, her own Maliseet, Algonquin and Micmac roots. This confirmed her mysterious and powerful attraction for this culture. Dominique has participated in several group and solo exhibitions.

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28 March 2019

New Location in Pointe-Claire


205 Boul. Brunswick

Pointe-Claire, Qc

H9R 4R7


18 July 2018


Please take note that from now on, there will be fees for appraisals of an artwork’s value for insurance...

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