Léon Bellefleur

Léon Belleflfeur was born in Montreal on February 8, 1910. At a very young age, he became interested in the arts. He studied at École Jacques-Cartier and at the age of 19, he became a teacher. In 1940, he attended an Alfred Pellan exhibition and was completely awed by this new form of non-figurative art. From then, he participated in meetings at Pellan's workshop which led to a manifesto called ''Prismes d'Yeux'' whose main idea was that '' painting obeys only its deep spiritual needs while respecting the physical capacities of pictorial composition'?. Bellefleur's work is extensive and he is one of the greatest of our history. In 1999, the relentless Bellefleur was back to painting in view of a new exhibition in Montreal.

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