Carole Morin

Carole Morin's artistic approach deals with materiality. She does not try to express an idea or a concept, nor to represent reality. In other words, her objective is not to represent an image. She asserts the materiality of the painting. Her work is abstract. Carole does not ask the question ''what to paint'? but rather ''how to paint'?. In fact, painting is her subject. She wants to make hers this matter painting in all its richness: texture, colour, movement, depth, impact on the viewer. She glues, paints, puts together colours, lines, bits of paper, cut-out images. She allows them to find their place freely on the canvas. Like a building built without a plan, it is only little by little that the painting takes shape. Each intervention is guided by the elements already in place and is a temporary state that will, in turn, be modified until the final result. This is how the successive transformations become parts of the artwork.

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28 November 2019

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We are happy to present our annual virtual exhibition "Holiday Small Artworks”, a great opportunity to give the gift...

8 September 2019

Annual Fall Exhibition

We are now preparing for our annual fall exhibition during which nearly twenty of our artists will be represented. ...

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