Céline et Jean-Guy White

Céline White and Jean-Guy White are brother and sister. They have been working together for several years on themes related principally to nature. Two fundamental premises guide their present day work: water is the source of all life, and water is in peril. In their exhibition ?The sound of Water? White and White sought to bring about renewed awareness of the primordial ties which, since the beginning of time, have connected human beings to water. The sculptures presented showed human figures coupled with their reflections in water. Iridescent effects situated each work in the decisive play of a mirror reflection; the sculpted réfractions bore within them an emotive charge and symbolic content that make them more important in the eyes of the artists than in the people from which they are derived. The most common perception of the mirror is that which brings individuals back to a vision of themselves. Here the 'mirror reflection' is used in a more fundamental way, in a manner that suggests that all human beings incorporate within them every aspect of the expression of the life of which they are a part-here, in their personal relationship with water to an immanent resonance affecting of all other living beings.

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28 March 2019

New Location in Pointe-Claire


205 Boul. Brunswick

Pointe-Claire, Qc

H9R 4R7


18 July 2018


Please take note that from now on, there will be fees applied to artwork appraisals for insurance purposes.

 Opening hours

Every day 10 am to 6 pm