François Faucher

Born in Quebec, Canada, in 1959, François Faucher has been painting and exposing since he was sixteen (16) years old. Faucher prefers oil painting. He has a style of his own, "Le Vibrationnism", recognized by art critics nationaly and internationaly. Faucher has exposed alone and collectively in Europe, in the United-States, in Mexico and in Canada.(Two (2) solo expositions in two (2) museums). A book dedicated to the life of Faucher has been published in 1996.

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28 March 2019

New Location in Pointe-Claire


205 Boul. Brunswick

Pointe-Claire, Qc

H9R 4R7


18 July 2018


Please take note that from now on, there will be fees applied to artwork appraisals for insurance purposes.

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