Julie Savard

''Art in life, art in nature is my inspiration. Elements of nature often neglected, I exhibit them to be seen by all. Through the work of metals, my sculptures express tension between nature and culture. Linear forms, suppleness and energy are added to this contrast. Thus, through textures and shapes, my creations translate the craziness of organic life, the elegance of the vegetable kingdom and the astonishment of the animal world. Volume is often the result of an accumulation of elements creating a captivating space by letting light and colour glide on the finesse of the material. My work exudes an atmosphere at times intimate, at times full of movement, yet intriguing.''

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8 September 2019

Annual Fall Exhibition

We are now preparing for our annual fall exhibition during which nearly twenty of our artists will be represented. ...

28 March 2019

New Location in Pointe-Claire


205 Boul. Brunswick

Pointe-Claire, Qc

H9R 4R7


 Opening hours

Monday to Friday  11 am to 5:30 pm         

Weekend  10 am to 6 pm