Pierre Gauvreau

Born on August 23, 1932, and deceased in Montréal on April 7, 2011, Pierre Gauvreau was a painter, author, scriptwriter, TV director and movie producer. He started studying at École des beaux-arts de Montréal in 1939 where he met Françoise Sullivan and Fernand Leduc. They both had a defining influence on his artistic evolution. From the early 1940's, Paul-Émile Borduas noticed that his work evoked that of the Automatists. After being invited by Borduas to join this group of radical artists, Pierre Gauvreau co-signed the famous Refus global in 1948. The intense energy inherent to his pictorial work suggests a constant search where dynamism and pure colour coexist. A free spirit, Pierre Gauvreau played a major role in the evolution of Quebec culture in the second half of the 20th century because of his impressive artistic, literary, TV and movie production. His fruitful career was rewarded with numerous prizes and honours. ''Expression techniques vary, but I mean, it is the same approach. We are always in search of truth, of a reality that brings us closer to truth.'' Pierre Gauvreau

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21 December 2020

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