Steve Young

''My current work is a series of representational canvases, which could essentially be qualified as hybrid pieces because they also include an abstract pictorial exploration. The female face is the central point of the pieces. High-contrast definition translates a mood, thought, inner peace, and even disorder or confusion. The abstract background brings the work to another level of transposition'discovery?thus multiplying the possible interpretations. The female face is sometimes coupled with steel, nuts, bolts and grommets. Complete or mostly complete text is included in some of the pieces, introducing the powerful medium that is writing. Whether in opposition or in harmony, the graphic elements, textures, colours and bits of steel merge in contemporary pictorial play. Amazingly, the decrease in detail resulting from a high-contrast image in no way diminishes or blurs the facial expression. In fact, it depersonalizes the subject and makes her another component in the piece rather than a living model who is the sole focus of a contemporary portrait. In some of the pieces, a symbolic circle accompanies the subject, representing the beginning and the end, our presence and future absence, time, the universe. Whether the circle is whole or divided, it remains that its start and end point are the same.''

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8 September 2019

Annual Fall Exhibition

We are now preparing for our annual fall exhibition during which nearly twenty of our artists will be represented. ...

28 March 2019

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