Chantale Jean

A self-taught artist from La Malbaie, in the Charlevoix region, Chantale Jean captures our imagination. One cannot forget the strength of her images which invite us to share her almost sacred respect for nature and particularly for animals.

In the purest fantasy, the artist, somewhat like fable writer Lafontaine, has the animals holding court, attending a party or a feast…Amazed by the parade of geese, the dance of scaup ducks on water…she depicts the full strength and fragility of the various ‘’worlds’’ around us.

Each painting becomes a ‘’silent piece of poetry’’ which engages the spectator. If the tale is silent, the artist is not, when voicing her admiration for and defence of Mother Nature. Through art, she expresses her commitment and takes a stand against those who would destroy all things for profit.

Her sense of humour is always present in the pleasure she takes in staging her 'budding actors''.

Her surfaces with disorganized textures, her drawings merging figurative and abstract are always a surprise for the spectator, leading him to discover pretexts other than the ones which inspired the artist.

The vast palette of her colours enhances the quality of her artworks and draws us into her unique and unpredictable scenario. Through her theatrical paintings with eclectic characters and extravagant titles, Chantale Jean puts on her play and allows us to discover her world which is constantly reinvented.

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25 August 2023

New Location in Baie-D'Urfé


15 June 2023

Art to Help

We are delighted to announce the fruit of our efforts to help those affected by the devastating floods of May...

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