Bruno Côté

A self-taught landscape painter, Bruno Côté was born in Québec City on August 10, 1940, and he died in Baie-Saint-Paul on June 30, 2010. Coming from a background where art was important, he developed early on a strong taste for drawing. At the age of 17, he got started in the advertising family business where he worked his way up to artistic director. Then, around 1965, he was introduced to painting and fell in love with it. From then on, his only desire was to be able to fully devote himself to his art. In 1978, he settled in Baie-Saint-Paul with his family and Charlevoix became his main source of inspiration. In 1980, he felt the need to broaden his horizons and undertook a trip in the Rockies which was followed by a series of others across the country. The breathtaking contrast between the various Canadian landscapes, the Pacific Rim in British Columbia, the icebergs in Labrador, the Prairies, the Far North, the Québec forests and the Maritimes, are now immortalized in his work. "Côté uses the great variety of colours found in nature while his strong brush strokes express the rough textures of trees, rocks and mountains. A master of light and shadow, Côté captures the heart and soul of Canada in his paintings. " (Claire Scrivens, Hollander York Gallery, Toronto). From Vancouver to Newfoundland, Bruno Côté was represented by numerous galleries and for over 25 years, he travelled the country holding highly anticipated exhibitions, reflecting his fame across Canada.  Very fond of Charlevoix, he continued nevertheless to support art in his adoptive region.  Thus, in 1982, he participated in the very first Symposium international d’art contemporain.

Bruno Côté was recognized as one of the most accomplished contemporary artists. Paul Vanier Beaulieu wrote this about him: ‘’The obvious strength that emerges from his paintings allows us to sense his passion for pictorial work and shape.  He is straightforward , happy, confident and sincere; no need to look for ‘’ shadows’’ in his work nor in his personality.  There are none.  Dazzled by the bright light of the vastness of his country, Côté depicts its intensity in his work. ‘’ In 2008, the Parliament of Canada offered one of his paintings to the Parliament of Scotland for the inauguration of the Scottish Parliamentary Building. Bruno Côté’s artworks can be found in museum and private collections all over the world.


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