Ariane Dubois

''My approach originates from a desire to pursue my quest in understanding the bases of an artistic creation embracing material cause. The theme of landscape is particularly important because of my own relational experience towards it. Initially, my work refers to memories of moments contemplating surrounding sites: waterside bogs, woods next to the Mille-Îles River, fields and rivers. Then, the idea takes shape through matter, and pictorial space becomes an area where elements correlate. Matter, which is very important in my work, acts as a vehicle for primitive sensuality. The painting surface becomes a pictorial field, a forest of matter, a gestural river. The artwork development remains discernible from its beginning to the result. Thus, in its building process, shapes superimpose themselves in layers of acrylic and latex spray, with natural or hand made vegetable stencils. Additional coats of paint, glaze and oil impasto, confer depth quality to the artwork. The final image often finds its origin in the background of the artwork from where it emanates. The symbol listing, shape, colour and matter, are evocative of the prime subject. They are inspired as much from a particular site as from a period of time, and they liven up the surface according to a nearly dreamlike and open-minded disorder favouring an automatic approach of creativity. For me, painting is a territory of pure expression without limits, both for the creator and the viewer. Images originate from the bogs of the painter's unconscious self, and develop in the spectator's eye in as many intimate landscapes as it can invent.''

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25 August 2023

New Location in Baie-D'Urfé

21500 Autoroute Transcanadienne, (40 Ouest) Baie d'Urfé H9X 4B7.

5 May 2023

Art to Help

The entire team of Art & Style and L'Harmattan art galleries wishes to help the Baie-Saint-Paul community affected...

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