Dominique Fortin

Born in Montreal in 1974, Dominique Fortin studied in Plastic Art and in Jewellery before dedicating herself to painting on a full-time basis in 2003. Her artwork revolves around the ongoing renewed cycle of existence, whether it be life, death and renaissance, with the human figure as a cornerstone. ''I create a world inspired by childhood with my own symbolics but I like people to allow their imagination to flow freely, to interpret my language their own way.'' Thus, animals, toys, dolls, typographic symbols characterize her artwork and enhance the creation of an emerging dreamlike atmosphere. Her deep knowledge of stories is reflected in her paintings. '' For me, the theme of childhood is a metaphor of a lost paradise, which fades during the transition to adulthood.'' Dominique Fortin paints human faces with a photographic precision and uses a multiplicity of mediums to nuance the pictorial space: spiral motifs, fabrics, collage, scraping. ''Using everything that comes into her hands to embellish her paintings, she explores the world of childhood, the imaginary, the supernatural, with both depth and lightness.''

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5 May 2023

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21 October 2021

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