Pierre Laliberté

Born in Sorel in 1956, Pierre Laliberté obtained a degree in Visual Arts at Laval University. His artistic approach is based on formalism dominated by shape and colour. At the limit of the abstract and the figurative, his paintings are cast in a clear framework where buildings with well-defined geometrical lines are represented. This mix of styles opens the window onto a universe which is both intriguing and familiar. ''The figurative exists as an imaginary landscape where large spaces occupied by indefinable buildings take shape. The horizon and the perspective of the buildings provide the necessary depth to create the landscape. A horizontal line strongly suggests the notion of sky and earth while the vertical one gives the depth of the field. If my subjects are not anecdotal, the atmosphere, however, refers a lot to my existential worries, meaning the misunderstanding, the uncertainty of the answers regarding the issue of existence (the being and the nothingness). Therefore, some of my paintings do not have a title but a descriptive noun to better identify them. Others have only a production number.''

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21 October 2021

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18 July 2018


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