Nicole St-Pierre

In Nicole St-Pierre’s painting, labels prove inadequate and her work defies all those who would like to put a label on it. This is due to the fact that the artist draws on many sources of inspiration. She has a wanderer’s imagination expressing itself in complete freedom, with no real attachments. There is certainly something related to the world of childhood in her paintings, a true ingenuousness, an adult innocence, a poetic gaze constantly in search of wonder that bathes every nook and cranny of her creative space. But these are just words that depict only one dimension of her work. There are plenty of others. In her painting, there is also a fine, hardly perceptible nostalgia, a naïve modesty. This gives her artworks a child’s gaze, but in reverse, as if the river flows upside down, as if we are on the other side of the mirror. Nicole St-Pierre likes arabesques. Her brushstroke is forthright and controlled. Many of her paintings exemplify generous and intriguing motifs. She treats her subject confidently, with no incidental detail, putting things and shapes in place and order to get maximum visual efficiency, as if a poetic need was constantly pushing her to provoke the perspective and proportions of physical reality the way we know it. Her world is above all pictorial and therefore, obeys her rules only. Through Nicole St-Pierre’s painting, you will revisit your interior world with a new outlook. Maybe you will rediscover the child in you, this human being capable of innocence and wonder who must have turned in circles since then to reconquer his primary essence.

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25 August 2023

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5 May 2023

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The entire team of Art & Style and L'Harmattan art galleries wishes to help the Baie-Saint-Paul community affected...

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