Miville paints both abstraction and portraiture, in a diametrically opposed treatment. Contradictory, but nevertheless speaking to each other, in the end, in a totally additoinal. His abstract work mainly explores 2 currents of the mid-20th century, namely action painting and minimalism. His plastic influences are from the same period. The report of force versus weightlessness is at the heart of his approach. The investment of the body is total when she paints; his gesture is visceral, anchored, whole and fiery, even almost brutal. She meditatively visualizes and soars intuitively in the same breath, not automatically. The result is clean and aesthetic, without totally covering the raw cotton canvas, in weightlessness. Inspired by architecture, both organic and urban; mass and volume rub shoulders with balance, lines and light in his works. The architectural structure brings it out of its already circular natural movement. Spatial composition is, for Miville, the breathing of the picture. His paintings are mounted on false frames once painted, which will allow him to play with shapes and space. She composes her palette of acrylic pigments, mixes her own colours, however black and white are omnipresent in his work. Miville invites the viewer to invest his painting in order to give it its meaning and appropriate its story. She thereby defines her definition of beauty, which only appears through feeling. and history evoked in the viewer through his pictorial work. According to her, minimalism influences our daily well-being.

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4 April 2024

Upcoming Exhibition


Exhibition in Montreal - April 25 to 29 At « Groupe Ultra »...

25 August 2023

New Location in Baie-D'Urfé

21500 Route Transcanadienne, Baie d'Urfé H9X 4B7.

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Every day 10 am to 5 pm   

Closed on December 25th and January 1st